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Coder100 (18125)

Donut Quest

Hello everyone! I just made an AWESOME new game! Donut quest!


You are a human and you are on a quest to find the rare GIANT DONUT which grants the eater infinite happiness. Shoot eggs with egg rolls on your way to happiness and sugar high!

Also, I got blender halfway through the game and so now you can expect better characters now!



WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
Mouse - Aim
Click - Shoot


@CodingCactus - Design Critique
@SixBeeps - Design Critique
@sugarfi - Design Critique
@nithilan4 - Blender Help


Have fun!

Upvote for a free donut!
AphixDev (213)

I see you used Navmesh. Those AI enemies scared the living daylights out of me @Coder100

DynamicSquid (4902)

This is a horror game

DynamicSquid (4902)

@Coder100 just dim the lights, make the walls black, and add red eyes

alextotoro1 (12)

@lightningrock The first time I played and saw an 'egg', i thought this game was actually a jumpscare game.

dizzyp2016 (3)

I wish I could game dev. Right now I program in javascript. I'm just visually confused on how you managed to put a 3D unity game in a web page. Well, I guess it is time to read your code

Noahloader12 (9)

@Noahloader12 But in all you are one of the best programmers I know jeez

Coder100 (18125)

Thanks! Sorry about the crash, unity does take a lot of CPU @Noahloader12

Noahloader12 (9)

@Coder100 No its ok it kind of does but dont worry you did a great job i just need to upgrade my computer to windows 10 and not a 7

poetaetoes (316)

@Noahloader12 same, i have a 7 cuz im too lazy to get one

DannyIsCoding (698)

Your games are AWESOME! But the enemies jumpscared me at least 3 times XD

nusii (9)

hav u got dc?

Coder100 (18125)

ohhh, yes I do!
Hithere#6537 @johnstev111

firefish (947)

@Coder100 You Were trying to ping the other guy... I hope


The mouse sensitivity is way too high for me, and I got one-shotted by a donut.(killed from 1 hit while had full hp). Good game though. +1 Upvote for hard work.

Coder100 (18125)

Thanks! Yeah, the sensitivity is a bit high :p I'll try to make it a bit smaller @Twitchmmanikan

mathiasaboye (86)

wait the little donuts kill you?

PYTHORE3605 (138)

This is 100% a horror game... I played this in class and my teacher looked at me weird...

maxina (61)

Nice! But can you add a score and a little map in the corner?

brogen (17)

egg scared me to the back of this chair. My mouse went to the other side of the screen.

Gabby8C0des8 (27)

i think we can all agree on two things:
1:the eggs have scared all of us to near death
2: we all didn't get donuts even tho we upvoted

Name12 (161)

all your games are soo good!!!

Name12 (161)

NP. and I am trying to make some games too. but I only know python, and speaking of which, I just made a new one called 1 million dumb ways to die. please check it [email protected]

theroadtocode (19)

Hey where's my free donut...

PocitoLoco (0)

this game is cool. I remember when I first played it, there was a part where 3 eggs jump out at you. That made me almost scream.

alextotoro1 (12)

This is so fun. The enemies are creeping me out. The giant donut was worth it. Really worth it.

Coder100 (18125)

Thanks!! LOL I worked hard on that donut :D Glad you like it! @alextotoro1

alextotoro1 (12)

@Coder100 Best part is, you successfully made me crave donuts. :)

mathiasaboye (86)

They always sneak up on me and it's so scary lol 🤣😂

Coder100 (18125)

LOL thank you!!
The first time I tried it out I almost peed my pants lol @mathiasaboye

CakeyKitty (0)

I Can't seem to play it.

Coder100 (18125)

hmmm? What happened? Send screenshots @CakeyKitty

tdoggy (0)

like actually load up the game

tdoggy (0)

how do I play?

Coder100 (18125)

Click on the how button @tdoggy


Cool game. I absolutely loved it.

(And of course i got jumpscared)

lol XD

JellyMfish (1)

LOl! didnt realise those was an eggs. I like your game, continue working! But, also, i think you can add speedboost while you hold SHIFT button, thatll be grate and will speed up the process of gaming.

DOMalley (0)

Is this infinite? Cuz I can't find the Doughnut. Really great game though

Coder100 (18125)

Thanks! The donut can be found on the edge of the maze! @DOMalley

ASdev (6)

I suggest make it so that it is open, not a maze, so half the time the enemies don't jumpscare me... XD

SilverStar555 (3)

This is oddly terrifying. I dig it.