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CellSim — A cellular automata simulator (Including Conway's Game of Life!)
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Many people know about the cellular automata Conway's Game of Life. But what few people realize is that the Game of Life is only one of a myriad of possible rule sets, each with unique behavior and incredible patterns, spaceships, and more.

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I created CellSim to allow for unbounded exploration of the Cellular Automata world. It simulates any totalistic rule (in both the Moore or Von Neumann neighborhood) and most non-totalistic rules.

Now, if all this sounds like alien speak to you, I still encourage you to check it out! At the very least, you can play around with some of the built-in patterns I've included that I think are cool. Additionally, there is an Info page which can tell you a little more about Cellular Automata, and a Controls page which can tell you how to use the program.

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The program can run a pattern of any size — it uses a modular cell-based calculation approach that can dynamically grow the field to simulate any possible pattern (though it will get rather slow if you do huge patterns).

Additionally, here are some of the basic controls:

  • Move the field of view with the arrow keys
  • Scroll to change the zoom
  • ENTER will toggle edit/run mode, where you can edit/create a pattern and then play it
  • You can export patterns using the e key — just hit e, click the upper-left of the area you want to export, move your mouse to the lower right of the area you want to export (the area you're selecting will display in blue) and then click to export it! The .rle will show up in the box in the sidebar, copy-and-paste it into a text file for storage. (You can then copy-and-paste it back into the program later and click "Parse .rle" to load it.)
  • You can edit the rule by clicking on either the B or S sections in the sidebar and typing in the numbers there.
  • You can make a random pattern by clicking the R key.
  • In the pattern selector, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to switch between different rules.

I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to put them here!

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