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Cycle Finder
Pythonier (315)

This code finds out how many cycles you have an updates it live.

PYer (3787)

Cool! It fun to see your cycles change

Pythonier (315)

@PYer Thanks, It's really fast too!

mat1 (4430)

Or you could use my ReplTalk module ;)
(By the way, I suggest adding a delay to yours so it's not DOSing

Pythonier (315)

@mat1 Thanks for the suggestion


Sorry, im new... but...

What is a cycle?

HarperframeInc (446)

@IzanLarumbe Here's a quick rundown of a cycle:

A cycle is how many times someone upvoted your post or comment, or if you answered someone's question. (I believe it's like Reddit karma?)

Now that I have answered your question,

Can I have a cycle?

Pythonier (315)

@IzanLarumbe Right now you have 2 cycles. So if you enter your username it would print 2.


@HarperframeInc ya sure :3


@IzanLarumbe I am more known to use:



mkhoi (318)

noice! Works for everyone



katyadee (1273)

Sweet! I like it a lot :)

cannonthepom123 (16)

Is there a way to do this with javascript??

RileyMears (8)

can i have a cycle