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Custom Replit Theme (Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++)
itzkiettttt (4)

This is a custom theme made by me for use with This is the CSS code to basically change the look of your IDE. Works only on Dark Theme. Use with the Amino Chrome Extension or Stylus Chrome Extension. Contact me for help if u need :)

DynamicSquid (4626)

This seems cool! Could you tell us a little bit more on how to use this? Perhaps make it a tutorial?

itzkiettttt (4)

@DynamicSquid i actually made this theme like 2 months ago but just now remade it and decided to upload this. The first step is to add the "Amino Live CSS Editor" to your chrome extensions. Once you loaded it up, click on "domain", in the top right corner, then paste in this code :). im currently not using Amino however since it for some reason doesnt work. If anyone wants to use/make a theme, i'd highly suggest using Amino as it's an all in one app, you can inspect the page and get all the proper element names and everything. @CodingCactus explained it very well in his post:

itzkiettttt (4)

also another note: my code is very simple and you can make it much more complex and customise it. It's just this works fine for me so yeah. Also feel free to fork/copy this and use it as a format to make your own theme :)