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Curse of the Ego King - An arcade game for Kajam2021
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Curse of the Ego King

play here:

The Ego king is cursed and trapped in the underworld by a witch, can you escape the underworld confronting your own HUGE ego.

Some Story

In this game, you play as the ego king. Ego king has a huge ego. He boasts about himself and trash talks about the local witch and she puts a curse on him.

His head would grow as huge as his ego and banished to live in the underworld

In the underworld, his head becomes soo huge that his head falls off seperately. helpless ego king now has to fight the underworld monsters while the witch mocks him. Since, ego doesn't have anything but his strong head, he uses it to attack and defend himself.

Gameplay & Controls

  • you move with arrow keys, press and hold Z to to charge your kick, release Z to kick your head.
  • Press F to go fullscreen while in game, R to restart current wave. your progress is saved as you play.
  • You can kill the monsters by hitting them with your head, stack combos and do trick shots. the points you earn depends on the strength of your kick, the combo and how tricky the shot is.
  • if you leave the AOE of you head, you will lose hp if you stay away for a while.

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  • There's a boss in the final wave

you can skip the below part and start playing yourself

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Wall shots earn more points, high speed back shots speeds up your shot even more and deals more damage.
  • If you spend too much time in a wave, the witch gets bored and speeds up the monsters, but you will earn extra points during speed up phase.
  • you can deflect the green bullets into monsters and earn bonus points, it does extra damage.
  • Hit the boss directly on his head to do extra damage.

Some Thoughts

  • there was absolutely no time to work on sound fx, it would've been even more awesome with sounds and music.
  • kaboomjs is the best!! it has the most friendly syntax.
  • let me know your thoughts on the game, did you like it? dislike it?
  • I had many monster ideas and making this into an actual dungeon crawler like binding of issac, but had only 7 days.
  • leave your kajam games on the comments for me to play :)
  • thanks to replit for organising this jam, it was too much fun.
  • did I mention kaboomjs is the best?

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Epic, this needs more attention!

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Fun :>

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@MrVoo thanks :)