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CryptoStory:Isekai, Action Adventure game using Phaser CE
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Link to game:

Link to code:

The game is approximately under 50mb because I included three music tracks and sound effects that took a bit of memory. Just a FYI for anyone wondering why the loading took awhile. Also the game is in size 1280x720 so play in new browser. If it's still too big just CTRL --

Hello my name is CRJas and I am the sole programmer/designer of this game. I hope everyone plays this game and leave me some feedback. There is nothing more heart wrenching than creating a game that no one plays. Art and music acquired from

Change Log:
Added in sound effects to player punch, kick, Ether shots.
Added in sound effects to bear death and bot deaths.
Boss room fight music.
Game takes 50mb now because of additional sound effects.
Player no longer collide with enemies.
Flying head has substantially less HP now.
Instruction text at the start of each level.
Can run in level one now.
Crouching will heal faster now.
Final End cutscene added after defeating level 3.


Controls are told to you in level 1 but I'll just leave a quick start tutorial here.
WASD to move
S to crouch (recover HP faster)
Q to talk
K to kick
J to punch
(WASD aim in any direction) H to shoot a projectile.
ESC key will return you to main menu. (In case anyone selected a wrong level.)

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This game was largely inspired by a number of things. First the title, CryptoStory is a reference to MapleStory and the game does play like MapleStory but not really. Next I was also inspired by the pewdiepie game. The game developer said "I can make a pewdiepie game in two weeks." For me I just thought that I could do the same except this game took me a month. I decided on an action platformer game because of the above two reasons.


You're a investor that has fallen into a fantasy land (Isekai) The rest is in the game. The story I had not planned until a week into the challenge. I was also involved in the cryptocurrency market so I had a fair amount of knowledge in my head. I know the theme of this game jam is money but I just thought cryptocurrency was close enough. I'm loving that bitcoin prize. I knew I wanted to put in references to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum into my game but it was hard to piece them together. Until one day an idea struck me, "What if I made this game about the bulls and the bears?" For anyone with stock market knowledge they will know what bulls and bears stand for. From there I knew what creatures I wanted in my game and how they would act etc. I knew I needed a good guy and a bad guy so I designed them based on some memes in the cryptocurrency community. Sminem and Bog are a result of that.

Design Choices

I went with Phaser CE as the game engine for a number of reasons. The first one, Phaser 3 does not have a huge array of examples or tutorials. I admittedly do not have an extensive knowledge of Phaser CE when starting this project. Most of the time when working on this project was just me learning how to use the Phaser CE game engine. I have used both Phaser 3 and Phaser CE a few months back but it was not for any game the size of CryptoStory:Isekai. I knew Phaser 3 did not have many tutorials while Phaser CE had MANY tutorials. Because of how accessible Phaser CE was, I just had to use it. My biggest reason for not using Pygames is because it ran REALLY slow. Why? Because it is being processed on repl's servers (I think). Repl could not possibly allocate large amounts of processing to every project and because of that the pygame engine could not run as fast. (I also think the engine is unoptimized.) The Phaser CE engine is just a javascript file that runs on the browser and your computer is running the browser that means javascript games run as fast as your computer can handle. No more being at the mercy of repl's servers.

Future Plans:

The audio was added in only just two days before. I'm a programmer, not an audio engineer. I do think there is a need for cinematic effects in video games to make it more fun and exciting. I wish I can spend more time on sound effects, background music, etc. I also want to put more cutscenes into this game, sort of like a "Congratulations" after each level.

Final Words

Overall this game jam challenge has been fun and this project has given me a lot of creative freedom. I loaded this game with LOTS of cryptocurrency/stock market references. See if you recognize them all and leave some ideas if you want me to include more references.

Programmer/Designer/Story Writer: CRJas (Me)
Logo - Made by me using Google fonts.
Main Player -
Particle Effects -
Human NPC's -
Bears -
Bulls -
Platforms -
All backgrounds -
Music -
Sound Effects -
Robot Pictures, Boss Sprite, Cutscene Portraits - My friend

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really cool! maybe you should add checkpoints because if you get beaten by a boss(especially level 3) its very irritating to have to go back through the level all over again