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Create a DISCORD BOT using a Project
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What is Easyline?

  • Easyline is a project that can simply run discord bots without you having to do much.
  • This can install Jishaku into your discord bot simply with input and your approval.

How do I run Easyline?

  • Using Easyline is the simplest thing to do in modern time. Simply follow the prompts generated by Easyline. Once finished. In the end, It'll show a question asking for the bots token.
  • As simple as that, we are making it where you could simply use commands automatically generated from Easyline.

Lowering Ping using Easyline

  • We used to have a feature that would lower your ping and ms to simplify discord bot speeds to keep discord clean.
  • Sadly, we had to remove that feature because people could override that simply with an exploit that diverts user's inputs into their .txt file

Don't worry, We have a firewall hidden in the code powered by my fellow project, Reindash. Which basically blocks requests from entering my Repl unless allowed.

But anyway. Thanks For reading this slight introduction into using Easyline on the daily basis. Goodbye!

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This is actually really cool. This is the future of discord bot development!

candies (421)

What are you're thoughts on easyline? @talkative

candies (421)

and what features do you want inside of it? @talkative

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@candies Option to make your own command