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Crazy Gamble
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(No real money is used/earned in these gambling games)

Crazy Gamble, A new way to play
Published by Vertock Softwares
Developed by VMTU

We meet again.. but for something different.
In this brand new game you get to well.. gamble..
Try to not get in debt as you wont be able to gamble after you are 50K in debt..
Simple.. But Im counting on you to make it even better.
Currently at the time of writing this 5/27/21, It only has two games, but im relying on the repl community, to fork this repl and add a bunch more! I will be adding almost all of the forks to the real game! I made a basic template for card and slot games, but be creative! In future versions, i will be improving the engine too. Well thats really all. I will seee you lata!

(The forks count as "contributions" if you wanna be a employee please tell me in the comments and what you wanna work on)

Version: 1.0

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