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Crash Royale
Calebrown (39)

Don't question. Just play. yeah

WilliamXing (52)

This is very un reaslistic

FrancisPan (43)

I can back that up. I've played clash royale and, well, let's just say that there is no 'Elixar golem'. Oh, and you can enter anything and it just says that word. I put Tree as an input and it said "Your tree countered the Musketeer!" Crappy game

RubiusStudios (5)

@FrancisPan when was the last time you played... there's elixir golems. Good catch with entering anything btw.

WilliamXing (52)

Thanks for backing me up! @FrancisPan

Bunnytoes (165)

@FrancisPan he worked hard don't be such a jerk and you changed it, not what is was supposed to be. it could have been knight which beats it but you changed it

FrancisPan (43)

It was a spelling error, but even so, an error is an [email protected]

CookieSnowOwl (41)

good idea... except its not that good...
this doesn't mean anything
its just a sim
the words, letters, don't matter.
It's a random game that doesn't really do anything... you can't improve... its not really a game......

R1l3yP (17)

I won with facts and logic

Bookie0 (6358)

wtf are you kidding me?! Xbow deck FTW!!!!

what nooooooo

Excuse me I know log is one of the best cards, but uh....


But pretty cool! how about adding colors, elixir, and even graphics (ASCII)! :D

BananaJellyfish (210)

Lol you can literally just place 'poop' it doesn't even matter

Whippingdot (678)

umm this is a game based on luck. If you had specific damage for cards and if you had a different opponent and a proper deck of cards for the other player then it might be ok

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

i would agree with you although this is in swift which doesn't look like the easiest language to learn, most people don't know it so this probably isn't like the most common language they use @Whippingdot

noway15 (97)

that's it? 2: electric boogaloo

LucasHalls (2)

This is the best thing I've every seen in my entire life. This is better than deck shop pro and Clash Royale itself. I am in Ultimate Champion league and have won my last 5 battles with a random deck it gave me. I recommend this repl to all clash fans.

LucasHalls (2)

crash Royale is my favorite game

tokasenpai (5)

onii chan I-I find this disturbingly unrealistic

FallenAngel6 (31)

Anime comebacks be like...

JacobMcPherson1 (239)

my lies countered the bomber

ryanw830 (7)

why is it that when I already won my opponent can still keep placing stuff?

PurplePixelYT (0)

Just spam d and enter to win

AgastyaSandhuja (170)

respect your parents :)

LucasHalls (2)

@FrancisPan When was the last time you played clash Royale? The elixir golem came out almost 2 years ago.

saulsuarez109 (0)

it would be cool if you could make it to where you can start a new battle immediately after finishing the last one. You can let me know if you need help with that.

Baconman321 (1103)


Is there another way to end the program instead of having a fatal error tho?

Oh wait, there is!

import Darwin
BetterGamer381 (0)

omg if you don't type anything you insta win. should probably fix that...