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👮Cops And Robbers💰
Benny_3 (52)

Welcome to Cops And Robbers!

This game was created as a last minute project for Game Jam, as the creator heard about it last minute. He is a Freshman, and has been using REPL since the 7th grade.

What is it?

It is a simplistic game in which you are maneuvering a single robber through a building, collecting coins, while dodging cops, lasers, and spikes.

How do I use it?

Simple. Use WASD or the arrow keys to maneuver the robber, P to pause and R to restart. (Restarting won't affect your score) Also, you can use Esc to exit, as well as the X on the window. Remember that before you can play, you have to sign up or login with a username or code to save your status. (The game window won't open until you do.)

What's the story?

The Robber is a man named Eric Lee who was fired from his job for speaking against his boss, who was illegally ripping off customers. Meanwhile, his daughter is in a critical condition at the hospital, and he cannot afford to buy medicine. So, against his conscience, he decides to rob his old company.

Is it done?

No! Again, this was last minute, so the developer had no time to add important things, like a story. Hopefully in the future, he will finish and submit it, maybe for a 2nd Game Jam.

Best way to play?

Using a normal Python 3 interpreter and Pygame. While the REPL online Pygame system is very good, this game has a slow frame rate on the browser. Also, on REPL, don't use the .run link. Pygame doesn't work there. Instead, drag the borders to make it bigger.

Where to play?

Right Here!

DavidGrant1 (5)

Best game yet! 10/10

lsambrook (287)

you should vote for three ways btw....

QuinnKudla (2)

This is pretty good! Nice job! It is kinda addictive.


Cool concept and game. I also like that you used pygame cause our small game called VOL 2D was also made in pygame.

JackKudla (2)

This game is very cool, the ai mechanics are good and the levels are intriguing!👌👍😄🤩

RobertCampbell1 (2)

Epic game! Was laggy on browser but following instructions went to desktop and worked fine.

bugkiller (2)

Awesome game,
Started playing, and tried for an hour to beat the 15th level.

Chalo1981 (1)

pretty trash -1/10 just kidding really good game i would come back

Benny_3 (52)

@Chalo1981 Wow. That was scary. But thanks for giving a good comment.

BastianPedone (1)

Great game, challenging and fun to play!

BenicioEnriquez (1)

Great Game! Can you make it so that You can create levels? That would be great!

DanielDarabos1 (15)

@BenicioEnriquez I suppose you already can, by editing maps.json.

Benny_3 (52)

@BenicioEnriquez, I’m glad you like it. Also, that was the goal. However, again, I didn’t have enough time to create a well-done level editor. I future updates, I will put in the level editor.

ChezTacoz (340)

After Level 3 it started lagging but other than that great game!


supper fun

ysofka (1)

this is a realy cool game. can you just make it not lag. it gets really annoying

mdjb4 (17)

11/10. Very good from a professional point of view. I would be quite happy to make this into a real app. It is, unfortunately, a tad slow.

colorlist = [(255, 0, 0), (0, 255, 0), (0, 0, 255), (255, 255, 0), (255, 0, 255), (0, 255, 255), (100, 100, 0), (0, 100, 100), (100, 100, 0)]
for y in range(len(list)):
    for x in range(len(list[y])):
        if list[y][x] == " " or list[y][x] == "":
        elif list[y][x] == "x":
            dict["Cops"].append({"Rect": pygame.Rect(x*50+5,y*50+5,40,40).inflate(-5, -5)})
        elif list[y][x] == "*":
            dict["Robbers"].append({"Rect": pygame.Rect(x*50+5,y*50+5,40,40).inflate(-5, -5)})
        elif list[y][x] == "o":
            dict["Exit"].append({"Rect": pygame.Rect(x*50,y*50,50,50), "Active": False})
        elif list[y][x] == "#":

that could be improved.

Benny_3 (52)

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to shorten and improve that section, as well as improve the speed.

mdjb4 (17)

@Benny_3 Good idea and your very welcome.

vlad94568 (0)

I think it might be a bit too ​hard.

Benny_3 (52)

@vlad94568 Sorry. I may make it easier in the future, but it was supposed to be hard, so..

BastianPedone (1)

Would definitely play again. Finished the game and I felt satisfied.

BastianPedone (1)

Sad lagging on the server. But still good content.