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neevcuber (4)

"Color is a power, which directly influences the soul"
-Wassily Kandinsky

Hello guys! A few days ago I made this color palette project and had really fun making it!
So, I wanted to show it to you!

How to use it

So, you will have a screen like this:

The 3 colors have the same animations:
Once hovered:

- Change box-radius

Once long-clicked (or clicked):

- Change shadow
- Copy Hex value of color

Go ahead and try it out with a Color Picker , in the "hex" section you can paste the hex color code (after clicking the colors from This)

What else do I plan to add?

I plan to add the following things:

  • Make random color palettes for each user

  • Make a voting system like:

and, What else should I add? it would be great to know!

Designs made by me in Figma

NoNameByProgram (198)

@neevcuber however, i think u need to use backend for the upvote stuff.

DynamicSquid (4924)

Awesome! I love the CSS design

neevcuber (4)

Thanks! I made all the designs, it feels good to have feedback! @DynamicSquid