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CoolCloudBox - Host your files online! Including a text editor!
PixiGem (146)

So finally, after days of hard work and errors, I built it! yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!

Note: this is my second ever node.js project, so this may have bugs

How to use - please visit this page -

Also note that coolcloudbox is a team repl, and the original URL for coocloudbox is

please comment on how I can improve this :D

Also leave ur feedback on the feedback page here -

edit: credit to @alexify for some backend help

PixiGem (146)

@MarcusWeinbergeryes i know! you can host anything! from files to webpages!

xfinnbar (149)

This won't work because all files changed while the editor is not open are not saved and they should only be used as cache and temporary files.

xfinnbar (149)

@PixiGem No it doesn't if you don't have the editor open. Nothing saves.

PixiGem (146)

@xfinnbar no way... I tried restarting my whole pc, it still saves, it even loaded yesterday's content for me and my friend

Alexify (0)

Give me credits!!!!!!!!! 10% of the backend is by me
edit: thx boi