Handy dandy: A few handy tools for your python program!

Handy dandy is a python package I made that helps you in your python programing. Note that on replit, auto import does not work for this, so you need to install it through the packages sidebar or the shell.
Here's a full tutorial on it's features:

Output validator

Handy dandy's validate decorator can make sure that
functions return the type that you want them to.


Records how long a function takes to run.


system function. Returns the computer's os (win32, win64, mac, linux).


Records the amount of times it has been ran. This can be helpful when you want to see how many times multiple functions have been ran durring the program.


I made a bunch of text design programs for this package, inspired by this. They're really self-explanitory, so i'll just give a list of the function names:

  • scroll_clear()
  • underline(text, color='white')
  • bold(text, color='white')
  • italic(text, color='white)
  • color(text, color)
  • ascii(text)
    Have fun!
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