🏆Hero Legends - RPG Game🏆
Seazyns (213)

Helpers: Ezolite and Xobeen
Full Patchnotes: https://pastebin.com/raw/81Pfk51Y
To Fork The Game: https://repl.it/@Seazyns/Hero-Legends

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Seazyns (213)

@TAL0S Alright, thanks for linking it as well, I'll take a look at it to see if I can add it to my code.

Seazyns (213)

@TAL0S Hey, I looked over Json Store, the issue is I use classes, and I store character properties as user = Character(name,damage,mana) etc. Is there a way to store class objects, because I tried it and it didn't work. If you have time can you discord me if you know how I can do it. Seazyns#8376

TAL0S (5)

@Seazyns I'm not to sure if you can store functions inside of store, but you can store objects (e.g. colours = {"red":red, "green":green, "blue":blue, "white":white, "grey":grey, "aqua":aqua, "teal":teal} ), If that might help.
My discord handle is Arkanic#3070 if you wanted to know.

Highwayman (1443)

@Seazyns it’s too bad you can’t get closer to the bytes from what I can tell. How deep can you look at an object?

Seazyns (213)

@TAL0S I'll definitely contact you some time around, there might be a work around I can use that I have in mind, but I might need some help.

TAL0S (5)

@Seazyns i'm not that good at python, but sure!
(i prefer javascript)

AQDProjects (21)

@Seazyns XML might be another save I/O option instead of JSON for class objects. You could probably also use a structured .txt file. Also, you might be able to import stored values as new variables and then construct the class object variables with the newly imported variables.

Seazyns (213)

@AQDProjects Honestly, I understood nothing, -_-. I'm not that advanced yet, still learning.