[Game] Hectic Highway
EdwardBentler (38)

Hectic Highway

Welcome to my new game, Hectic Highway. This is the second game I've posted and I made this entirely with PIXI.js. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible.

How To Play

You are the red car on the left of the screen:

There will be other cars coming from the right (that gradually get faster). In order to dodge them you can use the up and down arrow keys and "p" to pause the game, if you get hit your health bar at the bottom right will go down, as you drive your gas meter will also go down, if either of these get too low a sign will show up:

In order to reset your gas meter you'll need to collect a gas can:

In order to gain health you'll need to collect a repair tool:

There are also airbags that function as a one-time shield that you can collect (although you can't see it against a white background):

You can also press the spacebar to throw a flaming gas can that will remove any cars it touches.

Enjoy The Game

Thanks for checking out the page, enjoy the game, and tell me how long you can survive.

Calling All Gamers

For a special challenge: try to make it past 300 seconds (my best is 404 seconds),
Or, press R when you start a new game to initiate hard mode, tell me how long you can last (my best is 860 seconds).

Update Log

  • Beta Version 1.0 - First Release.
  • Beta Version 1.2 - Pause Function Added.
  • Beta Version 1.5 - Fixed Some Bugs And Added Rush Hour Once You Survive 200 Seconds For More Difficulty.
  • Beta Version 2.0 - Fixed Some More Bugs And Added The Hard Mode Feature.
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MikeJMS8910 (234)

Cool game but it doesn't really get hard

EdwardBentler (38)

@MikeJMS8910 Yeah, I'm going to tweak the intervals at which the cars speed up, thanks for the feedback.