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Cool bubble pop game in java!
plscodeinjava (406)

This is based off of my solution to a usaco problem called mooyo mooyo. The way this game works is that you input two number separated by a space, i'e:
6 3
My program will use the first value to generate a grid of height 6 and width 10 (this value is constant). Cells marked by 0 are empty, while every other cell is a bubble of some color (1-9). My program finds all clusters of bubbles size 3 or bigger, and pops them, causing the bubbles above them to fall down.
The program then outputs the finished gameboard! I hope you like it!

Bunnytoes (232)

this is pretty cool, but 2 things, prompt the user to enter the numbers because I thought that the wifi was acting up and it wasn't loading and 2 can you please help me with a java project