Pokemon Battle (C++ version)
nN34398Ff (108)


A long time ago, I tried making
a pokemon battle on python.
I sucked so badly that it took literally
500 lines and nothing worked. Then...


After a while of
scratch.mit.edu and boredom...

Now I know a bit of C++ (enough to make this, at least). I used it to remake the python project from long ago... and it WORKED! Now you can actually fight, and it's only around 100 lines!

I will soon add:

  • more moves DONE! ✅
  • more items Not yet =( ❌
  • maybe more POKEMON? Not yet =( ❌

That button at the top left which has a number in it looks so sad and gray... how about you click it and make it green and happy?? =D

To type "scratch" and
spam "potion" or not to...

Hey there's new moves for the enemy check them out =D

Cool kid club:

Oh the jellybeans
how delicious they are
especially the pink lemonade ones

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DynamicSquid (5015)

Cool! Few things though:

#include <cstdlib> // what is this,
#include <stdlib.h> // and this for?

using namespace std; // you don't need this
nN34398Ff (108)

Thanks!!!!!! I took out the unneeded #stuff
It was for a color text thing and a clear the terminal thing... Do you know how to clear the terminal using code?

DynamicSquid (5015)

@nN34398Ff try to put it in your c++ code, instead of typing it out in the shell

DynamicSquid (5015)

@nN34398Ff yup, np!

Please mark this as accepted if it helped you

nN34398Ff (108)

So I just say accepted? Ok @DynamicSquid

DynamicSquid (5015)

@nN34398Ff you have to click on the checkmark

nN34398Ff (108)

@DynamicSquid Oof I'm a noob... i'm not sure what u mean...

frissyn (371)

@DynamicSquid lmao this isn't an ask post

DynamicSquid (5015)


nN34398Ff (108)

@DynamicSquid Ok I knew it had to be an ask post!! (totally XD)

EpicGamer007 (1752)

@IreTheKID, what algorithm did you use to calculate if the person is a spammer in your rc website becuase it says I am 99%-100% a spammer and I want to get it lower... It is really embarrassing. I didn't think I was a spammer...


@DynamicSquid I always use

using namespace std;

It always saves me some time from typing std::
But thats just how I do it.

nN34398Ff (108)

@CarlosRosiles Yeah I can do that but I really don't care, it's pretty fun to type so yeah. DynamicSquid is talking about way earlier, when I randomly had it there.

nN34398Ff (108)

@IreTheKID woah you made the rc website!!! amazing!! Also how am I a spammer???? XD

frissyn (371)

@nN34398Ff & @AbhayBhat

Find more info about the Spam Score here.

EpicGamer007 (1752)

@IreTheKID, uh, the link never loads

frissyn (371)

@AbhayBhat should be good now, found a few bugs in the code :/

nN34398Ff (108)

@IreTheKID it still doesnt work =(

frissyn (371)

@nN34398Ff it should work, what's wrong?

nN34398Ff (108)

@IreTheKID I go to the link you posted (your website) then I press on the blue link within the website... then it crashes.

frissyn (371)

@nN34398Ff you need to open the site in a new tab lol