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Cooking simulator! Be a professional Chef! Cook whatever you like!
LegendaryWolf (630)

Welcome to my first simulator game!

Features -

  • sell food
  • cook food
  • money system (new)
  • better lists (new)

I and @BananaJellyfish were working on a shop sim. but I found it hard and I created this :)

Hope you like this :)

Upvote if you like
RhinoRunner (693)

i guess i was not meant to be a cook

eric896xia (1)

I am a cook that uses everything I see

Brendan23 (137)

@LegendaryWolf if you need any help or want suggestions PLEASE ask me(only python tho. I'm not good at other langs.).

Whippingdot (552)

Bruh not to hate but you are just printing out a list and this has no complexity to it... sry no updoot... maybe repl talk has gone bad, how does THIS have 17 updoots??

Whippingdot (552)

This is the menu i wanna eat



Orca20 (48)

This is a great thing! Maybe you should add a few more things to do...
since it does get a bit boring, no offense.

proryan (74)

I consider this as low-effort! Making a selling algorithm. Allow the users to buy upgrades with the money.

SilvermoonCat (429)

Nice, here's a few suggestions:

Add some colors
Make it only foods, I can cook anything
Brendan23 (137)

@LegendaryAlpha suggestion:
first, wherever you have print(cook) put it in a for loop like: for i in range(len(cook)) next, put print(cook[i]) inside the for loop and you should be done. try it!

fishers14 (9)

make sure you can only cook foods

NISHoriginal (8)

Heyy dude, Great code! But just one suggestion, maybe instead of showing the food in list form, you can make it so that the list of foods is indexed like so:

[1] Burger
[2] Pizza
[3] Roasted Fish 

So that if a user wants to sell an item, he doesnt have to type in the whole name of the item letter by letter, and can just type "2" if he wants to sell "Pizza", hope you understood and make that change.

:D Good luck for your future projects!!

TheC0derGirl (215)

Nice! Fun to play, improvements could make it look or be a bit better, but I like it! Upvoting! :)

BananaJellyfish (199)

print(*cook, sep=", ") will make the list look nicer

epicseg (3)

hmm, pretty cool simulator. Nice job. Upvote

LegendaryWolf (630)

I don't want it to lose trending!

LegendaryWolf (630)

The moment you realize earning money in this game is hard...

CodingDoggo (15)

whaaaaat!just type and create food! Incredible

CodingDoggo (15)

Cool but needs some improvements...