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Cookie Clicker: Terminal Edition
pyelias (2639)

I'm still adding some things to it.
You have to run it at for it to work properly.
EDIT: yay i won the code jam
See the code jam grades at:

SirNapkin1334 (3)

How can I access the hidden console? :P

octopyBot (265)

this is bugged, i can;t click the cooki

RHutty (0)

Saving not working help please

Allespro (2)

Only one picture...

DanielSchumache (26)

This is amazing! Great work!

FranklinSupersm (42)

The Link the saving thing gives does not work.

soldier76 (0)

LOL saving doesn't work that's nice... 👌

NoahGillanders (0)

this doesn't work for me

pyelias (2639)

@NoahGillanders Are you using ? What problem do you encounter?