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CookeyLang's BIGGEST enemy
Coder100 (17126)


Gnal_yekooc goes against everything CookeyLang stands for and more!


It uses snake_case and does not look like C, JS, or any language in general. It creates the problem of semicolons by not having them, forcing me to force a few assumptions on what the user is trying to do here and there. Also by the way, it's file extension is .flc (the evil File that contains )


I made this in 2 minutes to show you how awesome our codebase is and how easy it is to make it "better". Also CookeyLang 3 will be as promised but it will be delayed until the judges judge so we don't get disqualified.


Can you guess what this code does?

mble Human s || human
  mke l name, age r s || name, age = name || name
    slf.age = age || age

  greet l r s prnt_l l "what is up bro my name is " + r e || greet

mble Coder cpy Human s || Coder.Human
  mke l name, age, lang r s || name, age, lang = name || name
    slf.age = age || age
    slf.lang = lang || lang

  cry l r s prnt_l l "*sob* my " + slf.lang + " program not working" r e || cry

mut coder100 = Human l "Coder100", 100 r || mut.coder100

coder100.greet l r || greet

unmut bookie0 = Coder l "Bookie0", 34, "JS" r || mut.bookie0
bookie0.cry l r  || cry

Well, I won't tell you because I am a big meanie haha!
Also, this language will still be worked on to make it even more obscure.


To define a function:

fn function_name l argument, argument, argument r s
  || code
  || and yes, this is a comment.

To do a class

mble class_name s
  mke l r s || this is your constructor
    slf || this is cookey's 'this'.

ok I think you can figure the rest out now :)
Just kidding


To make sure EVERYONE hates us,

multiline comment
|| single line comment
l = (
r = )
s = {
e = }
prnt_l = printLine
prnt = print
clr = clearConsole


CookeyLang is the best. Need I say more?


Lmao, just noticed that Gnal_yekooc is Cookey_Lang reversed @Coder100 lol

Vandesm14 (2654)

What are all the l, r, and s?

Coder100 (17126)


l = (
r = )
s = {
e = }


Coder100 (17126)

to emphasize why cookeylang is the best @Vandesm14

Vandesm14 (2654)

@Coder100 Ok. Just saying, if people have to guess what code in a language does, it means you're doing it wrong.

JosephSanthosh (1171)

I'm just so confused! I think I lost a few brain cells reading this. jk