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Conversion Calculator! #WEEKLY
Nayoar (561)

My weekly submission, a unit conversion calculator, can be found here on my website. It can convert units of length, area, volume, speed, mass and angle, with 97 total units, and 6 significant figures of accuracy for every single one! And, of course, there is an API as well. ;)
Please ignore the repl I have attached to this post as it is the entire repl for my personal website, which I have already shared in a different post. The links to the source code for the converter are specific files in that repl.

EpicGamer007 (1615)

You are definitely gonna win this, how did you get all the values. Must have taken hours!

Nayoar (561)

@AbhayBhat adding all the values did take a while, yeah... I didn't do it all in one go though

TheDrone7 (1776)

@AbhayBhat these are weekly challenges, you don't have to be done in 1 hour.