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Continuing progress on Neverfade theme, open for suggestions
JamesJohanningm (3)

Hey all,

This is the latest and greatest project that I've been working on (I've already posted it once before, just giving a status update). The work is going to continue for a while, and it's not even really necessarily even close to finished. I've completed the overall look of the website, however, continuing work will go to make the website more functional. A few things that have changed to improve the overall speed of the site was ditching the jQuery code and alternatively using CSS to underline active links in the nav/header. The website is completely built out of HTML, CSS, and JS (Vanilla). Continuing work will go towards a switching menu for mobile accessibility and work on making the Blog and About pages unique for their type (as they are currently duplicates of the home page). Any suggestions? Just @mention me in the comments and I'll get back to you shortly about your idea that you want me to include. Also, this template is open source (just would like it if you would attribute me as it takes a lot of work to code all of this).

Until later,