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Console++ V0.1 finished!
doineednumbers (26)

Console++ V0.1 finished, coming to pip later today (hopefully).
Below is the documentation. Console++ is incredibly simple but super expandible. I'm planning to implement more entities and add physics (from pymunk!) Then, a 1.0 release will be posted.

Do you want to take your python terminal games to the next level? Well, look no further than Console++.

Here are the core concepts:

A very simple console game engine

A functional game engine. How does it work?
Well, there are two core parts of this engine.
The game state dictionary, and the entity system.

Game state dictionary

The game state dictionary is a dictionary containing the game state as well as entities. Good Console++ code uses the dictionary to store data instead of global variables.

The game state dictionary must contain two keys: "running" and "entities". "running" is a bool. At the end of every iteration of the main loop, if running is false, the loop ends."entities" is a dictionary of Entity. More on that later

The game state is important because of how you update it. Every frame input is taken, and passed to a function that you define along with the game state. The call looks like this: game(state, key). This call returns a new dictionary which replaces the old one.

Entity system

The entity system is simple. There is a class called Entity. Its constructor takes 4 parameters: x, y, char, style.

Each iteration of the main loop, each entity calls update() (so, entity.update(). Then, they are drawn at the x and y with the char and style. Update is a stub, but you can extend entity to add your own behaviour.

Main loop

Finally, to initialize the main loop, run

run_loop(game, {"running": True, "entities": {
  "player": Entity(10, 10, "@", style.RED)

Replace game with your own update function, and add and remove entities.

skiscratcher (2)

Update: It's up! consoleplusplus on pip!