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Connect 4
Alto2 (5)

This is a piece of code that I am very proud of, and I just wanted to share it with a few people. It lets two people play connect 4 against each other. Please let me know if you find any bugs, as I am a bit new to coding.

Alto2 (5)

@ThanhTails and @DynamicSquid it seems to just be an issue with the docstring. You could probably just delete it.

DynamicSquid (4893)

@Alto2 I think it would be better if you did the fix, so everyone that views this doesn't have to fork it.

Alto2 (5)

@DynamicSquid Just fixed it, it should be better now.

DynamicSquid (4893)

This is nice too, but like ThanhTails said, there's an error when I run it

ThanhTails (30)

a nice project, but error.
this is a error when finished download:

Can you fix it?