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Connect 4 2.0 (with better graphics and more effects!)
theangryepicbanana (1694)

With the recent introduction of Sixels, I have been able to remake my original Connect 4 game with new features, better graphics, and more effects.

This uses my Sixel module for Ruby, so if you want to use it, it's in the "Sixel.rb" file. If you do end up using it, please make sure to credit me in your project.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

here's the link you need to play it:

theangryepicbanana (1694)

Upvoting this post makes the game a bit faster (in case you didn't know)


@theangryepicbanana I upvoted and the game is so fast now! Thx for the advice.

LilySakai_Johns (0)

i do not know how to play at all!!!!!!!!!