Tic-Tac-Toe in Python Terminal

I developed a tic tac toe game in the terminal as a project in my own "game-jam" competing against myself.

What is Terminal Tac Toe?

T-T-T is a game where you go against a AI opponent competing to see who would win a game of tictactoe in the terminal. Developed with knowledge, you to could own this project simply by forking!

How to Use ?

To correctly use terminal tac toe, you must use the place of the tac or toe, I dont know. but that is how you properly move a tac without having to retry. You cannot add a tac into the same spot of the bot's tac.

The output of not properly inputting a correct place of the board, you'll be able to retry.

Anyway, If you have any ideas on this, please send them!

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*** Congratulations ! I won ! ***


cool game @candies


thanks :) @cuber1515