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Community Site!
NotMrMan (119)

This site was made around 2 or 3 weeks ago, but i decided to share the site with you, because it has a lot of changes made to it.

If you still want to join, the post with the invite is still up. The link to that post will be at the bottom.

Thanks to:

  • JacobMcPherson1
  • FranklinStopar
  • BeaverBeg
  • necromacers2nd
  • JackFranzel
  • TripleAAAs
  • BobTheTomatoPie
  • vys
  • retronbv
  • peternielson112
  • epieros
  • rexhall
  • ZiadGold
  • ShampooUdon
  • Ravost
  • billwalbuck
  • Corus
  • Polo1245Ofi

Huge thanks to vys for redesigning my crappy css (for the home page)

If you want to join, make sure to read before starting.

the join post:

thanks (again) to the contributors for making this site a reality!