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Commercial Generator
Makrayne (57)

Commercial generator based on MadLibs! Any suggestions for future games, tips or feedback is greatly appreciated!

SilentShadowBla (556)

Come visit Juice Co. and see the coronaest Corona in Wuhan, China! While you're here make sure to check out the local Juice Company and get their Sickening Corona Virus for only Free dollars!

Rumble330 (3)

Come visit Morshu's Lamp Oil, Rope, & Bombs Co. and see the thiccest Rope, Lamp Oil, and Bombs in Dankville, USA! While you're here make sure to check out the local Weapons Dealer and get their richer rrrrupeesssss for only mmmmmmm 4 orphans, 3 chezburgers, 2 mortages, 1 partridge (pear tree included) dollars!

JeremyIrwin (45)

electric boogaloo 2: electric boogaloo, worth $19.99

JordanDixon1 (185)

A free video game worth 60 dollars XD free game worth 60. XD

Pandapip2 (12)

Come on down to Google! We have/are the best Search Engine in California! We sell the Bestest Search Engine you've ever seen at the Worstest price! If you buy now you'll get a free Google Search worth 0.00$ dollars!

NoelB33 (359)

This is hilarious! You should make it randomize some of the templates for the mad libs it gives, so it doesn’t do the same thing with the same input.

Makrayne (57)

@NoelBryan Thanks! I'm very new to python so I don't know how to do that (≧ω≦)

michaelsmith10 (1)

@Makrayne I remember doing something like this when I first started coding in python. However, I mostly do java but I can help you. Let me quickly make a program.

michaelsmith10 (1)


Just edit it, I just copied the same maid lib but added numbers at the end to show you that it is working.

Makrayne (57)

@michaelsmith10 Thanks! I'll start working on some new commercials right away! (≧ω≦)

Evanlicious (19)

Come buy your new web services at Yougle, the best search engine in Silicon Valley! Our web services(s) are the suckiest in town! For a limited time only you can buy our Joe's Barbecue and Foot Massage for only 0.00 dollars!

MatReiner (124)

I think
"...and get their adjective2 item for only price dollars!" should be:
"...and get there adjective2 item for only price dollars!"

MatReiner (124)


Before-last output in the last output should be "item" and not "sell"...

pipythonmc (6)

Nice work! Keep it up!

WyattKeenan (17)

Come visit Bug Bites! We make the best Food in Sundrop Hills! Our Grub is the Zestiest you've ever seen at the Tasty price! If you buy now you'll get a Zombie for free! (With a purchase worth -$20 dollars or more)

Edit: I'm having too much fun with this

WinDogePlays (0)

Come on down to Doge inc! We have/are the best Videogame in England! We sell the idk games you've ever seen at the eating doritos price! If you buy now you'll get a free dorito ps4 controller worth 999.99 dollars!


Adjective ending in "-est" me: "Best"