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JamisonLewis (1)

This is my first real program!

michaelhammon (0)

Their work ethic and knowledge is undeniable and achievement level is remarkable.
I am manager.


it doesn't work, you need to first:
comment out your name and date, along with the "this is my first real program!" (the one not surrounded with ( ) ) with #, ex #this would be commented out and not run by the program.

you also need a print at the beginning of ("This \nis \nmy \nfirst \nreal \nprogram!").

so it would look like this:
#Jamison Lewis, January 15
#This is my first real program!
print("This \nis \nmy \nfirst \nreal \nprogram!")

LoveFromSkyy (137)

Make sure you put # in from of anything that isnt in "" i got an error