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Colored Text C++ LardBoi
LardBoi (37)

Basically there's a header file "colormod.h" and that has the color code directly to the terminal. and you use the Color namespace.

nN34398Ff (108)

Hmmm.... I tried it on here and it worked, but when I tried using it on my project, it said colormod.h doesn't exist.

SPQR (592)

Hey, thanks chief! Wouldn't have known about this otherwise :)

LardBoi (37)

@SPQR No problem I figured maybe someone out there would find this useful. :)

samvader (2)

Cool, I didn't know this was a thing! I've just been using Curses, which may be more robust but isn't quite as simple. I like it.

babbott1 (0)

I used your code a starting point to convert it to straight C ... didn't finish though...

JustinWu (8)

I like this. Is it okay if I fork and examine how it works?