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Color changing design. (it's better than it sounds.)

Pick 2 colors! Any two colors!
Wait, not that one. Any 2 colors that are NORMAL colors. Like purple, red, orange, green, blue, lime, yellow, turquoise, etc.
Then, pick a speed. First time? I recommend Fast. It lets you quickly see it, instead of waiting forever.
Watch, as the colors move, and draw!
The "point" will move to any of the squares diagonal of it. It will then draw either color 1 or color 2 on that square, before moving again. You would think this means you would get stuck with a grid, but secret technology and the edge of the grid allow for ALL squares to be colored. And recolored. Again. And again.
Some neat combinations:
Black and white. Looks like static tv.
yellow and orange. Insert: The sun.
red and green: All the time is christmas time!
black and orange: sigh... I guess that means all the time is halloween, too....
Put your combinations in the comments!