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Color Printer v2.0
1Tavi2016 (2)

(Description in project bio)

These are two FAQ you might ask:

Q. What colors are available?

A. Red, yellow, green, cyan, magenta, grey, and white.

Q. Why won't it work? It says there's an error in the project?

A. It might be because you are on a computer that does not handle imports in the project. Try again but if that doesn't work, go to this project (Link:, run it, then come back here.

AreebaBaloch (0)

My only criteria for a new printer were that it must use generic cartridges and print on DVDs with printable paper on one side. I decided on the Canon MG7720 after doing some testing. $80 on Amazon, many generic ink options, double-sided printing, NFC, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and wireless connections, scanning bed (amazing detail with some test scans), 2 paper trays, 6 cartridges (CMYK, Black Pigment, and Grey), incredibly high picture DPI, SD card slot, and far too many other features to mention. This printer has captured my heart.

dashelbaldwin (4)

termcolor = literal cancer
use sys.
other than that, I ran into an error. You could use:


This is like an if/else statement, but instead of checking if a condition is true it checks if the code nested in 'try' returns an error. If it doesn't, it runs, but if it does, it runs the code nested in 'except'.

amasad (3356)

I hit an error trying to run it