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Coin Tycoon

Who made it? made by 3 students and our teacher out of SF, CA

How was it made? Using python3 and pygame over the course of about a month. pygame was used for visuals and OOP was used to structure classes for components such as coins, UI, the player, and the money generators.

What's the objective? Become the best coin tycoon by making as much money as possible, that's the most important(and only) goal of the game! You can get money by clicking on the falling coins($1 for yellow bitcoins and $10 for green bitcoins) and buying money generators. Money generators make your money in to even more money(which then become even more money and so on)

How to play? click on the link and maximise the game view, for better FPS and audio check out our Github


Nice! You guys should come visit HQ - we're in SF as well :D