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CodingIsCool - A new coding platform I made!
ruiwenge2 (1135)

CodingIsCool is a coding platform I made! This was made mainly for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but you can also create other files such as Python, Java, C, C++, JSON, SVG, CSV, and even plain text. It allows you to run Python code!


  • Save your changes
  • Store your files
  • Share your files
  • Different themes
  • Autocompletion
  • Run Python code!

For HTML files, you can view it in a new tab, and you will see the page that you have made. You can share the link with other people as well! For CSS and JavaScript files, view it in a new tab, copy the link, and you can link those files to your HTML file.

You can see a guide on how to use this in the file, or go to Start by signing up!

Important: Open this in a new tab or you won't be able to create an account.

Update 1: If you create a Java file, the class name will be the same as the file name.
Update 2: The file name and class name of Java files will be automatically capitalized.
Update 3: You can create C# files now.
Update 4: I have added reCAPTCHA.

I hope you liked this!

Bittersteel (19)

If you polish it a little, this could be comparable to Pycharm! =)

tworks (4)

@ruiwenge2 how do you make a login system

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@tworks well you need a backend and a database

you can see some login system templates i made:
flask login system
express login system

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 :D wanna code something together?

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 idk xD I wanna try python but I suck at it

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@codingjlu like a game or a website like CodingIsCool?

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 yeah sure! Warning: I'm not good at Python at all (compared to like Java or web dev and Node) but I want to get into it.

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 sure!! What lang? Python? Node? Plain HTML, CSS, JS? lol

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@codingjlu maybe python for the backend and html/css/js for the frontend.

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 okay. Obviously frontend though.

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 I invited you to a team.

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 check your email and notifs...

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@codingjlu it still doesn't appear...that is strange

codingjlu (481)

@ruiwenge2 click this join link then and I'll generate another to prevent more people joining.

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@codingjlu ok you can change it now

Bittersteel (19)

i also know a little bit of HTML

FrancisPan (43)

@codingjlu Can I join? I'm good at python, HTML, CSS, and i'm a bit good at javascript

CosmicBear (45)

now everyone wants to join lol

codingjlu (481)

@CosmicBear lol so does everyone like me better or ruiwenge2? (I hope both the same??)

SnackyCoding (8)

@codingjlu i like you both and can i code too pls I’m good at css, python, JavaScript (Not with websites), and html

CodinUser (7)

Can i join lol, i know a reasonable amount of CSS and HTML, not JS. And i do know a good amount of python (but not for sites)

Carnage498 (58)

@codingjlu @ruiwenge2 Can I code with yall as well? I know a lot of python(not all though) and I'm pretty good with HTML and CSS. Don't know much JS except like login stuff(in JS)

VulcanWM (2898)

woah this is actually so cool!

InvisibleOne (3215)

This is very cool, but when I try and run this:

It will give me an error because os.system('clear') doesn't work. Still, this is really awesome.

maxina (65)

OOHHH cool! its been a long time since I saw anything this nice!

JBloves27 (1902)

Nice job!
I would just recommend adding more better styling rules. :)

vys (17)

This is a really great start! I'm so excited to see where you take this!

Battledash2 (85)

A little bit of restyling, and it'll be perfect! Also, I noticed that you can't run Javascript? I'd assume it'd be very easy to run Javascript considering it's a web-app?

codingjlu (481)

@GameDev46 hey! Your chit-chat app was pretty cool!

pro0grammer (1)

Awesome! I needed to goto an online editor make a link, save file or make a repl instead to test before, now i can directly use this instead for small tests!

deontezthompson (1)

I am entirely NEW to coding and I am open to ANY form of help from ANYONE on here.! If you can help, PLEASE reach out to me.!!

Carnage498 (58)

@deontezthompson If your dad/you work at cognizant you get free access to otherwise it is a bit costly. but it's a good platform to learn programming. Also I suggest you go with learning algorithm before doing actual coding. It will teach you the logic and how things work in programming. It's basis. I got that suggested to me by my dad's friend who's a professional python developer.

RahulChoubey1 (184)

bots can easily pass captchas

wyatt400alt (0)

@RahulChoubey1 Not all, only some very skilled ones. I learned this by personal experience: add a Captcha to a popular website and 99% of the spam dissapears. However, you are correct in some aspect: some skilled bots can easily pass captchas. If that was true for all, hCaptcha and reCaptcha would be out of business and not serving millions of websites.

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@wyatt400alt I looked it up, and there are quite a few things to allow you to bypass.

wyatt400alt (0)

@RahulChoubey1 Yes, but it keeps the bots away. Most bots don't use these because they require more labour and setup, therefore, it reduces spam. I have a website that recieves around 150 visits per day, and the amount of bot spam greatly decreased after I added a Captcha.


I have three words for for you @ruiwenge2

gkavinrajan (2)

Very good. Keep it up!!

vedantkanoujia (2)

I like no bots allowed🤣🤣🤣

KoshkaBelka (1)

Please, fix captcha domain, or connect FunCaptcha....

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@KoshkaBelka it works just open it in a new tab

KavinGanesh777 (1)

I love it, needs some fixes but great

SanahRajesh (1)

I tested this by using some of the basic things that you can do in html, and this platform works really well!

RahulChoubey1 (184)

if only the files were runnable…

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@RahulChoubey1 you can run html and python

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@ruiwenge2 my laptop can't run any code at all smh

ruiwenge2 (1135)

@RahulChoubey1 for html there is a preview and for python you have to click on Run Code

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@ruiwenge2 did you use skulpt for python? That's what I did

RahulChoubey1 (184)

@ruiwenge2 I have no idea how to use Brython…

Martin025 (3)

100th upvote. this is awesome 🔥

Jessica0519 (2)

I can't forget this! Cool!

CodinUser (7)


Also can you add a light mode?

I think the CSS can b improved a bit :)

faisaljan17 (1)

It is was a nice experience using this app

id0lized (0)

It is very nice but add folders :)

Subscribe2 (4)

Hey, I made a programming language called HACHI, I was wondering if you could add it to this. Also how does syntax highlighting work.

Hope you can add it.

Jessica0519 (2)

Can't you help me with this by coding together?