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Coding Ideas!
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The Game doesn't have anything to do with this.
I have some ideas of what you should code if you run our of ideas!

  1. Mad Libs Generator
  2. Number Guessing
  3. Text-based Adventure Game
  4. Dice Rolling Simulator
  5. Hangman
  6. Contact Book
  7. Email Slicer
  8. Binary search algorithm
  9. Desktop Notifier App
  10. Python Story Generator
  11. YouTube video downloader
  12. Python Website Blocker
  13. Spin a Yarn
  14. What’s the word?
  15. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  16. Leap it!
  17. Find out, Fibonacci!
    Python Project Ideas: Intermediate Level
  18. Calculator
  19. Countdown Clock and Timer
  20. Random Password Generator
  21. Random Wikipedia Article
  22. Reddit Bot
  23. Python Command-Line Application
  24. Alarm Clock
  25. Tic-Tac-Toe
  26. Steganography
  27. Currency converter
  28. Post-it Notes
  29. Site Connectivity Checker
  30. Directory Tree Generator
    Python Project Ideas: Advanced Level
  31. Speed Typing Test
  32. Content Aggregator
  33. Bulk File Rename/ Image Resize Application
  34. Python File Explorer
  35. Plagiarism Checker
  36. Web Crawler
  37. Music Player
  38. Price Comparison Extension
  39. Expense Tracker
  40. Regex Query Tool
  41. Instagram Photo Downloader
  42. Quiz Application
  43. Airline reservation system
  44. Course management system
  45. Data visualization software
  46. Electricity billing system
  47. e-Healthcare management system
  48. Email client software
  49. Library management system
  50. Network packet sniffer
  51. Online bank management system
  52. Online medical management system
  53. Online quiz management system
  54. Online Survey System
  55. RSS feed reader
  56. Smart city project
  57. Stock management system
  58. Supply chain management system
  59. Virtual private network
    HTML, CSS, JS-
  60. A tribute page
  61. A survey form
  62. Technical documentation page
  63. Landing page
  64. Event page
  65. Parallax website
  66. Personal portfolio page
  67. Restaurant website
  68. Music store page
  69. Photography website
  70. Books Directory
  71. Chat application
  72. Collaborative Drawing App
  73. Email Sender
  74. Video Streaming Platform
  75. Web Scraper
  76. Basic User System
  77. Ticketing and Reservation system
  78. Movies and In-House Entertainment
  79. Virtual workspace
  80. Healthcare industry
  81. Online bank management system
  82. Office management system
  83. Academic outputs
  84. Ruby Quiz
  85. CodeKata
  86. Project Euler
  87. Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies
  88. Refactor My Code

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Ignore the game

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@LingWu1 But the game is a fork of smortones game

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yes I didn't have anything other code I wanted to post so I forked his repl @TommyVictory. You have to have a repl to be able to post a share. I said to just ignore the game, see?