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Coder100 (17049) is, but coder100ified.


It is made with next.js therefore, it uses react and that is what uses (I know this because I have the react dev tool extension installed).
Also, it uses react-ace instead of Monaco and in one of the posts, you can see I highly regret that.

NOTE: The JavaScript REPL works!
NOTE: You can make posts with the make-a-post and it generates URLs for you, however, the URL will not be shown in the feed because nobody checked it out :(

NOTE FOR @PYer AND OTHER PYTHON USERS: Python interpreter is out! Code your heart out with our new python interpreter written in regular expressions! It supports

def functions():
a=6 # variables
# comment
lambda a : a + 10

Special thanks

I would like to thank @apoorsingal for fixing major problems in my code, specifically the ace code editor.


I made this to self promote myself.
I made this to cover almost everything next.js offers, except for custom servers--I still wanted the app to speed


You can make posts, and you automatically have upvoted every single post :)


These are posts created by our fellow users! by @Codemonkey51

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

Here is a simple console.log implementation for the Node.js "coder100"s:

console.log = (txt) => {
    let doc = document.getElementById('repl').contentDocument; = "black"; = "white";
    let el = doc.createElement('code');
    el.textContent = txt;

Also, to make it look a little more realistic, you could clear the iframe on start and add a log that simply says it is node.js like how in, it says "node v10.16.0". However, this implementation does not include color changing based on the content and does not support arrays and objects since you would need to detect those and JSON stringify them. However, that is not difficult to add either.

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

Also, another thing you can do is create servers in various languages in and just send post requests from containing commands and then have it return any printed data and return the variables set by the command to be used in the "coder100". Processing functions using commands similar to the Python exec command and JavaScript/Node.js eval command will make it much easier to implement more languages in the future and would contain the full functionality included in However, it would also be much slower as well.

Coder100 (17049)

hmmm yes
thanks for the suggestions :) @AmazingMech2418


python support plz

TheForArkLD (763)

Please add ngn/apl :)

TheForArkLD (763)

@Coder100 install apl.js and require this,and give program to this :)

yasin213 (15)

They're everywhere.

Coder100 (17049)

WDYM they are everywhere? @yasin213

LiamDonohue (291)

make a list of forked versions lol

LiamDonohue (291)

im gonna fork it and call it

CoolCoder200089 (6)

Can You Come to my Team Please @Coder100
Thank You
Lets make a good game @Coder100 please

RayhanADev (1942)

Me finding this some 7 months after it was posted.

programmeruser (571)

Sorry for necroposting, but your regex-based python interpreter is so ingenious:

var evaluate = new Function(`try{var doc = document.getElementById("repl").contentDocument||document.getElementById("repl").contentWindow.document;doc.body.innerHTML="Python interpreter by @Coder100<br><br>";"#fff";"'Roboto Mono',monospace";function flog(){console.log(Array.from(arguments).join(" "));doc.body.innerHTML+=Array.from(arguments).join(" ")+"<br>";}${boilerplate
      .replace(/print/g, "flog")
      .replace(/def +(.+)\((.*)\): *((?:\n  +(?:.+))+)/g,"function $1($2){$3}")
      .replace(/lambda +(.+) +: +(.+)$/gm, 'new Function("function($1){return $2}")')
      .replace(/pass/g, "return;")
LingWu1 (88)

@Coder100, please accept my team request.

LiamDonohue (291)

we should do the code jam with thail

Coder100 (17049)

uggh not this again
i still don't even understand this @johnstev111

firefish (914)

@Coder100 Nothing happens o run though...

Coder100 (17049)

bruh its not node.js its dom js smh @johnstev111

firefish (914)

@Coder100 Explain to me why the button I clicked has a node logo then:

KobeFF (1260)

That's hilarious how you Coder100-ified everything

Viper2211 (86)

The python support, is decent, but I dont really like the alert box asking for input... otherwise, its great!

Coder100 (17049)

Too lazy to add input that would require an ultra mega brain and a lot of time :p @Viper2211

oignons (237)

wauw..can we get c++ support? and maybe repl auth for profiles

Coder100 (17049)

lol sure we can add c++ (probs not) however repl auth we probably can :) @ipastrano

Viper2211 (86)

Ummm, the print function does not seem to be working in python... It's trying to ACTUALLY print paper

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

@Viper2211 That is the JavaScript print function that is running, not the python one.

Coder100 (17049)

I never finished the python interpreter, so it is still running JavaScript, just extra weird lol @AmazingMech2418

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

You can add console.log in the Node.js "Coder100"s by using the replace function and then evaluating the code. You could just make it so that the console.log function is replaced with a function that adds a <p> tag or a <span> tag with specific content. Also, it would probably be best anyways to program your own compilers and interpreters for this as well so that it contains all the supported functions (and only the supported functions) and also to add Python support.

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

I don't think this is supposed to happen...

BlitzNewtron (4)

Require from NodeJS is not supported :(

Great job.

Coder100 (17049)

It is native JavaScript, and not commonJS so require will not work. @BlitzNewtron


Wow I coded now on I will upload it when COVID-19 gets eradicated..🤣🤣


Viper2211 (86)

This is cool but, could you add support of c, c# and c++

Coder100 (17049)

I can try doing c# @Viper2211

JosiahKnisely (32)

It says no IP address.

JosiahKnisely (32)

@Coder100 Ohhhhhh, is it a real website, or just a website? You had me there.

JosiahKnisely (32)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. @Coder100

PYer (3847)

Support python and I'll upvote :)