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I am proud to announce...

That's right! All the bugs you can find on in one place!


Unsurprisingly, I was coding on and I encountered one too many of these bugs! I thought it would be kinda funny if I made one of these things, so here it is! Should be pretty accurate and hopefully relatable xD

During the creation of the game, I encountered all of the bugs, so I can definitely say that this is very accurate (at least for me).

How to play

Interact by clicking on the buttons to get a useless internet text that you can put inside the answer bar on the bottom.


With all seriousness, is great, and I understand they are working actively to try to improve the platform (or just playing Factorio), but it would be nice if they updates were more frequent :)

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Lol, i know this has nothing to do about this comment, But can u help me on something? My partner accidentally broke the server or sumthin, and now I cant post anything on my chat, I'm using comments to communicate with u.