My Setup!

My Room Setup

lol this is an actual 3D model of my room, how poggers! Everyone should make one of these they are actually pretty fun to make and its pretty cool how accurate you can get something to be with only just some primitives :D


I first found this three.js editor, and it was epik. I wanted to make something with it and three.js, but ultimately I switched back to p5.js lol



fullscreen poggers


Right click to pan around
Left click to rotate
Scroll up and down to zoom
Press space to enter fullscreen
Press esc to exit fullscreen


Enjoy :)
cya next year xD

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@Coder100 Don't you have to code the outdoors too? And the universe?

With that in mind...
God, the ultimate coder of 'em all. He had to code the universe from scratch!

Don't want ur annoying sisters (if u have any)?

Works with brothers too!