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Actual un-clickable button (for real this time)!



There always has been (and always will be) ways to bypass this since devtools is more powerful than JavaScript itself. Don't expect it to be actually "unclickable"!

After seeing

's post, I realized that there are soo many ways to bypass the "clicking" for his project.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and actually make my button "un-clickable". None of the methods described in invisibleone's post works now (not even mine)!

See if you can get this button >:)

Oh and BTW:

Calling the function or alerting the message that the function alerts is not counted as the solution. I can't stop liars, but if you find a way around it then please tell me.

People who have clicked the button (legitimately. Those who don't post their reasons or their reasons aren't valid (AKA: they aren't actually clicking it) won't get on the "leaderboard"):

  • Wilke000
  • 1andonlyaether
  • Codemonkey51
  • DSAEvan
  • darkdarcool
  • DrakeFletcher2

Ok so many people are doing it. Great guys!

I'm not going to add any more because so many people are doing it.

I am so proud of you replers! You are all such great critical thinkers!

Keep in mind guys that I can only do so much because most browsers give you more control over JavaScript than JavaScript itself...

Oh, wow

I have found and prevented at least 4 methods of clicking the button via cheats since I made this post:

  • Focusing the element using HTMLButtonElement.prototype.focus()
  • Mutating globalThis.requestAnimationFrame
  • Tabbing/editing the tab index
  • Modifying the size/position of the element (to make it stay in one place)
  • Right clicking

Ok guys

You now can't use window.alert :D

Ahh, yes. Now I can tell who actually clicked it and who didn't >:)

Yay, we got on trending!!!

Oh and guys... the message saying "lol nice try guys ;D" means you didn't get it.

Fixed the right click hack >:D

(Possibly) also fixed the right clicking address bar cheat :D (button will be disabled. You can click it, but no "You got me!")

Yoo guys, if the button is gray that is on purpose. It's disabled when the web page loses focus (to prevent the right click cheat... which still works ARGH).

You got me guys, I can't defend this button forever :(

2 years ago
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