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Code clicker 1.1
Kingq23 (41)

now has a save feature to save your progress in the game auto or Manuel.Thanks to @PYTHORE3605 for making this better.


made an autoclicker bookmarklet

[start](javascript:var autoClicker = setInterval(change, 0);)



svensk007 (58)

good job yet again but i think the big black box is unintuitive and would just be easier to have a button

svensk007 (58)

@qadams2008 looks great! i dont know if you want to or know how but if it had like a line of code that becomes different every time you click it by just using some dict but idk lol
maybe even just a blinking blank terminal line

svensk007 (58)

@qadams2008 also for buying thing there should be an exponential multiplication so you cant just forever hold enter and keep buying without not being able to because of no money

yes ik this has great grammar

NotMrMan (119)

using the console in inspect element i found the variables used for points and multipliers
code = Infinity
multi = 999999999999
multi cannot be set to Infinity because after clicking twice it changes to NaN.

NotMrMan (119)

@qadams2008 that's the issue with creating a clicker game in HTML5.

Everyone can see the code.

Elliot1120 (1)

Nicely done (btw 5th person to updoot)

noway15 (97)

can we get better crewmates and imposters? (and also maybe a dababy?)

Anonymous847 (9)

This is amazing and so much fun!