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Cloudify | Power Of The "Cloud" For Everyone
PravunathSingh (1)

Cloudify | Power Of The "Cloud" For Everyone

Looking for building your own cloud hosting service or a cloud platform and can't figure out the UI.

Well, this is the right repo for you. This repo contains a simple yet elegant Mock Cloud Hosting UI built completely with CSS. The custom utility classes make it look and act like a framework. Some of the features and Utility classes are:

  • A Featured Page
  • A documentation page

  • Utilities like, cards, containers, navbar, footer, animations, flex, grid, color, text-alignment, margins and padding.

RoBlockHead (521)

This post has been unlisted for advertisement. I can't tell whether this is a real thing or just a fake product. If it's fake, please say that in the description. Once you fix these issues, ping me and I'll re-list it.

PravunathSingh (1)

@RoBlockHead it's neither a complete cloud hosting service nor is it "fake". I have mentioned it in the README file that this is just a mock UI for a potential cloud hosting service. In case someone decides to create such a product they can use this design as a template.

I hope this clears the misunderstanding.

RoBlockHead (521)

Ok! Didn’t see that in there, I’ll go ahead and relist the post. @PravunathSingh