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Clothing Reccomendation Program

This program that I wrote in C++, asks you to input the temperature and it then tells you what you should wear based on the weather.


That's cool. I never thought that it's possible to create such a program through C++. Where can I download it? To be honest, I'm already tired of not dressing for the weather. I look at the weather forecast, it says that there will be wind and rain. Accordingly, I put on a raincoat and take an umbrella. During the day, the sun shines and no rain! I'm pretty sick of it. In my city now it is summer and I specially ordered this season for myself and my daughter on nice T-shirts. Last week I looked at the weather forecast, and it was written that there would be the sun. I dressed myself and my daughter accordingly, but it rained at lunchtime! With this weather forecast, it's easier for me to stay at home.


Wow that's cool. Tell me more about it.