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Client Server interactive project
neevcuber (3)

#Client Server Interaction
Before I start you need to do the following things,
clone the git hub repo here,
go to the directory of the repo, install all the dependencies

npm install

and then do a simple $ node index.js

if you could follow the given steps, you should have a localhost port running on your local machine, now you can go to localhost:8080

now we have set up our client! for the server you can here on a new page

here, in the client (localhost) you can input any number from 1 - 10 once you click on the button next to it, reload the server page, and you should see the number added up.

this is a very simple project I created to see how the data transfer in APIs work, turns out it's simpler than expected!

suggestions are appreciated!
thank you

RoBlockHead (425)

cool program! it's always interesting to see the ways people try out new things!