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ebest (672)

Liveclick is a simple game where you CLICK the screen to advance. Yes, Python does support CLICKING! It uses Curses, an interesting module I just found out about. There's a board with everyone who's been on before and it shows how many clicks there are in total. Awesome!


I want upvotes so I can go biking!

I was mentioned on our favorite blob (2 weeks in a row)!


BhoomTansirimas (6)

@ebest, the repl doesn't work for me. Attached below is a screenshot of what happens.

I enter my name, and the error shows up.

ebest (672)

@rediar jsonstoreio broke

and what's the problem with the chess thing

rediar (520)

@ebest attribute errors thats what
chess tools folder no work

Steven_The_GuyT (329)

There may be a way to "cheat". You can scroll with your mouse or trackpad, and your program counts it as more than one click.

ebest (672)

@Steven_The_GuyT I don't think I can fix that but I might add it as part of the gameplay.