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City Simulator
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City Simulator

About game

This is just a text game without any graphics made in Python. You have to build your city, improve buildings and create a huge metropolis. It is quite monotone after a while... I didn't work on it much and I made it just as a hobby.

How to play

In the intro, you have to name your city and your character. It doesn't affect the game at all. After doing this, you will be presented with the main screen. Now, you can do what you want! Just type one of the options presented below your city statistics. I recommend building some old houses and stores, grinding your money and expanding your city size. After grinding some money, build farms and apartments. This is the point where you can start upgrading your buildings to Tier 2. Just don't forget one thing: the low class can't live in modern apartments - you should also have some of your cheap apartments unupgraded. Even a big corporation needs someone to clean the floor, so don't upgrade everything.


I made this game myself without help from anyone else.

Is this finished?

Hell no! I didn't have much free time to improve this, but I want to add a lot of new things in the future!


Oh, I almost forgot! Here is the game

If you also want to see the actual code, click on this link