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Cipher Breaker
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This is written in HTML, takes in ciphertext, and attempts to convert it into plaintext without the cipher, nor the key. It currently supports Caesar Ciphers, Modified Caesar Ciphers, Extended Modified Caesar Ciphers, Rail-Fence Ciphers, Base64 (Not really a cipher, but people use it as such), and Affine Ciphers!

This only works because of a pretty bad English detector, so if you want to add any rules to English this doesn't account for (Sorry if it's hard to tell what the rules put in are) feel welcome to tell me, because the better the English detector the more Ciphers I can add!

I have examples of each cipher included, so you don't have to look them up!

If anyone has recommendations on what I should add to this, feel free to tell me. I'm open to ideas, because this can become much better with other people's help :)

Geotale (5)

@MesyetiIsTaken Lucky you, I'm adding a feature you (and a few others) recommended ;)

Geotale (5)

@MesyetiIsTaken No you can see the top results. Enigma would have so many possibilities to test ;-;