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Chess clicker
3465728974563 (51)

Just something I've been working on. If you have any suggestions for things I should change or add, leave a comment if you'd like! The original code came from @bgrubert from . I just added and changed stuff.

MrEconomical (2293)

add it so we can actually play chess

3465728974563 (51)

@MrEconomical So just a button you click on that places you into a chess game?

MrEconomical (2293)

@3465728974563 when I first saw this post, my original idea was a "clicker" in which you play chess, but at first you only have a king and then you can upgrade your pieces little by little until you finally beat the computer. that would be really cool

3465728974563 (51)

@MrEconomical I could try that but don't get your hopes up lol. I'll have to make a seperate game where it transfers the data on this website to that one. Plus it'll be really hard to code an AI, but I'll try anyway.

crazyman222214 (18)

This is great! I found a spelling error though. In the How to Play (Not the one that pops up in the beginning), it says sacrafice when it should be sacrifice. Other than that, the game looks great!

3465728974563 (51)

@crazyman222214 Thanks for the feedback! I fixed the spelling error.

DJWang (1354)

love these kind of games

syc1 (23)

This is awesome, way better than the clicker game I made, and I spent weeks on it lol

3465728974563 (51)

@syc1 I spent over 2 months on this, and part of the code is from another user. Although most of that code is completely broken. Which one is the clicker game? I'd like to try it out.

syc1 (23)

@3465728974563 I linked a domain, the game is found at :P

3465728974563 (51)

@syc1 I can't try it at the moment because my school blocks the domain. I'll try it whenever I get home and give you feedback then.

SilentShadowBla (552)

how to u get the save code?

3465728974563 (51)

@SilentShadowBla The game already saves. The codes are just for fun with my friends anad for me to play test things. If you want the codes then you can find them at line 631 of javascript

BrianZhu3 (0)

you might want to nerf the console

JeremyIrwin (44)

How about when you reload, instead of asking "delete your file? cancel or ok" how about saying "delete your file? yes or no"

The_God_GuyGod (3)

Shouldn't we be able to see what we need to do for the achievements? (or at least the names)

Also, after purchasing 2 distractions it still says "distraction" (it should have an S at the end)

The number of tactics you own does not update every purchase

I could not find a way to access any of the ??? pieces or any more than 2 achievements (although I am not sure if that is just all that is there)

Finally, like people have said, the Tactics need to be nerfed. Maybe you could create another hidden "upgrade" for the achievement bonuses?

3465728974563 (51)

@The_God_GuyGod 1. No the achievements are supposed to be something you get along the journey, not something you want to target and try and get I want people enjoy the game as it is, not have to try and unlock something. I want people to find things without getting spoilers from an achievement name or description. 2. I'll fix that. 3. fixed just refresh your game to the latest version (I update the game like every 7 minutes.) 4. That's a secret. 5. Also fixed and mega nerfed.

Kai_Justice (278)

You might need to nerf the 'Tatics' upgrade, ooof.

3465728974563 (51)

@Kai_Justice Yeah I've bee trying to make the game not an instant win. I'll update it somehow.

MrPerson01 (12)

When it asks you if you want to load or not, it says 'Yes' or 'Cancel'

CosmoCat19 (8)

Great Game. The board kind of glitches though

3465728974563 (51)

@CosmoCat07 It depends on what type of web browser you use. I'm guessing you're using safari? The best one for this game is google chrome as that's what I coded it on.

CosmoCat19 (8)

@3465728974563 I’m on chrome. Maybe it’s just my school internet though. It has trash WiFi.