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Check if its a rickroll
ruiwenge2 (1191)

A simple program to find out if the url you enter is a rickroll.

I know that this isn't nearly as good as @ch1ck3n's rickroll blocker, but you might find this useful as well.

BIue (70)

you have saved humanity from total destruction, you have found a cure for "cancer"! you've solved all the world issues, you gave us the hope to end all world hunger. this is truely a masterpiece

isaiah08 (87)

Super cool! This is amazing!

JWZ6 (715)

no offense, but i think it's a bit too simple

ruiwenge2 (1191)

@JWZ6 i said A simple program in the description

ch1ck3n (2386)


I'll probably add this method to mine too..

here are some more probably_words


ch1ck3n (2386)


those are video ids

so if someone makes an iframe

and the URL is in it

it will find it

QuickV (128)

I have no idea if this is even possible, but if you know how, then maybe make a system scan the title of the youtube video, and if it has any sort of "rick" or "roll" in it, it alerts you or smthn.