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Check Your Cycles on Your iPhone - (Using the default, Shortcuts App)

Hello fellow coders! Last night, I found a random to-do list and the first item read "Share cycles shortcut on" (or something along the lines of that). Anyways, I created a shortcut on my iPhone a while ago, that allowed me to check my cycles (I was bored, okay?) and notified me of how many cycles I had made in the past X time. Kind of interesting, anyways, some people might like this! So here it is. :)

If you don't have the shortcuts app on your iPhone, check to see if you have iOS 14+ ish. (That's what mine is at, and I have shortcuts, so you should have it too). If it doesn't work, check the AppStore and see if you can download it. (If that doesn't work it's up to you :) ).

Ayways, you can pull up your iPhone and head to Cycles Shortcut - iCloud

And follow these two steps:

You'll have to edit the shortcut slightly, so that it uses your username instead of mine, unless you want to keep track of my cycles for some reason...

You'll have to change that text, to your username. Then you'll have to open up the notes app (which is used as a database, because it was the easiest solution), and create a new note, with a line of text.

That's how mine looks like right now. You'll want to type:
<username>Date::Jan 1, 2000 at 12:00 AM::Cycles:: 0

The date is just a filler that you need for the shortcut to understand.

Anyways, then you should be set! You can press the three dots in the top right of the little icon, and then press the three dots in the top right of the screen with all the code, and you can select to add the shortcut to your home screen, which can be pretty handy. The results should look something like this.

Pretty cool! At least, I think so

Now, if you can't access iCloud, or don't want to open this post on your phone and download the shortcut, you'll want to open up shortcuts on your phone, and add all these steps. Or to those of you who don't want the shortcut, but would like to see the, for lack of a better world "block coding" or steps, here they are.

There you go!

PS: I don't expect many upvotes, since this hardly counts as coding, but anyways I'd like to hear what you think of it as an idea!

PPS: If you add the shortcut to your home screen, you're going to want an icon so here's one you can use if you want.

Thanks, everyone, and keep coding like crazy!

FloCal35 update?


Pretty neat! Although, I don't have an iPhone. Why not try to make a PWA?


Ya, I haven't really done much with this yet, it was something I created quickly over the span of a couple days. @Vandesm14 I'll look into that if I have time!