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Check Out Our First Python Repl
lolguineapig (26)

@alienlovera9 (my twin) and @lolguineapig (myself) worked on our first python repl! We know that its not really that good because we just started learning Python. If you click a wrong key, you will have to re-run the repl so be careful. Read the instruction and begin watching our animations. Hope you enjoy!

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

for your first python repl this is nice, keep it up dude!


Great! But you should use for loops for this. A for loop keeps repeating doing something a certain amount of times.
You can do this for lines:

#if use choice is line
#You can replace 25 with whatever amount of times you want it to happen
for i in range(25):
  print("         |")

And for hash:

for x in range(50):
daSeaTurtle (9)

@CarlosRosiles We know loops, but we completely forgot about them while making this repl.

zplusfour (914)

nice but need more styling

lolguineapig (26)

Im a beginner so I dont know how to style Python that well. But thanks for feedback!

zplusfour (914)


from colorama import Fore
print(Fore.CYAN + "Hi this is my first repl")

use this

daSeaTurtle (9)

I tried it but it doesn't work.